Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yes, Indeed-e-doo, I need to post.

SO, lots going on as you know since I have been posting on the blog every day for the past three months, phew it was a lot of work.


You didn't see the posts?? Thats inconceivable (princess bride accent)!

Okay, you're right. I didn't do it.

But I thought about it.

That should get me some brownie points.

Or at least brownies?


I guess I'l start with the most recent and then work my way backward with what I can remember (which with my memory won't be much). The soy sauce are on Spring Break as we speak, they have alllllll next week off from school. I am on Spring Break too, I guess. The Winter Quarter just finished and Spring doesn't start for a week. I am back to babysitting full time this week, so I'm not really how much it is going to feel like a break for me LOL. I am looking forward to watching both the almost two year old and the three month old. EWW boy, good thing we got the van. PS- I forgot how much FUN (no sarcasm there at ALL) two year olds can be.

On Thursday I went with T-dawg to COSI for a class field trip. It is like a hands on science museum for all of y'all who aren't from around here. SO, I thought it was going pretty well and I only had a mild headache when ten minutes before its time to get back on the bus one of the boys in my group shows me his shirt that he has thrown on top of a twelve foot tall nose. Of course he proceeds to attempt climbing the nose to retrieve it when I tell him nu-huh buddy. He had to tell the peeps who had to call the other peeps with the ladder. Needless to say, I was running all over COSI trying to get the kids to the bus on time. But hey, at least no one was complaining that all they wanted to see was the sea otters (spoken in a VERY whiney voice) like last year at the zoo. All in all I guess it would be a success.

Last weekend we had a few errands to run on Saturday and so the kids were supposed to be getting dressed to go out. Puppy rushed into my room and asked me, "Mom, are these the pants that make me dressed for a flood?"
I looked at him and told him that they were then he yelled, "GREAT!" and ran down the stairs. Of course I had to run after him giggling trying to figure out what was going on. He informed me that it was going to rain and there may be some flash floods so he wanted to find his water shoes and be prepared. I am still giggling about it now. Plus, I don't think it ever really rained that day. It just drizzled a little, no matter Puppy was prepared come rain and high water! LOL

Salty had a birthday. Yeah! She's five not fifteen, so don't ask. She wanted to have a party at Chick-fil-A just like last year. I tried to explain that I would get the pictures mixed up, with my good memory and all, but she wouldn't be dissuaded. There seemed like quite a few children there from dance, school, and church; but they behaved really well and we all had a nice time :o) Thanks to Photographer Anthony who took time off his real job to visit his daughter at her party and take a few pictures.

Someone else has had a birthday recently, too. Puppy is now eight and is anxiously awaiting his baptism (scheduled for April 10 I think). He wants to wear goggles. I told him I can't wait to take that picture :o).
Puppy surprised us all when he decided to have a party this year. He has never been interested in one before. Of course he waited until the last minute to decide, but it worked. We had some boys over to the house for his Backugon party.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just Do It!

*stepping on soap box*

Seriously people, what is so hard about recycling? I do not understand why when I drive down my street on my husband's favorite day of the week (trash day!) that less than half the homes have set out recycling bins for collection.

As previously stated, THEY ARE PICKED UP RIGHT ON YOUR FRONT LAWN. There is no having to drive to the recycling center with your used cans dripping all over your car's leather interior. Its simple: place recycling bin in garage, use can (box, paper, plastic, etc.), open garage door, throw empty can into bin, on aforementioned collection day kick the bin down to the end of your drive way, after collected kick bin back into garage. Then repeat. I need someone to explain to me which step of that was too difficult, I just don't get it.

Are we trying to deplete the world's resources so that our children have nothing but a barren wasteland left? If we truly care for our children wouldn't we want to leave them the best? I would assume that these people who don't recycle aren't likely to go to the Grand Canyon with a can of spray paint, leave the water running in the sink all day, or leave their car running in the drive way all night. Sure, I'm not changing to world by recycling, but if everyone did it, maybe it would could.

Mad props to all my homies that are trying to make a difference!